Seven Questions for a Futuristic Retirement Income and Planning

by Terry Reeves
(Mecosta, Mi. USA)

Seven Questions for a Futuristic Retirement Income

Recently, we had some construction going on around the house. There had been a really big hail storm and our roof was just decimated. The shingles ended up broken, gravel gone and corners rolled up. This problem existed on just one side of the house, but since we were forced to replace that side, we decided to replace the whole thing. It was about 15 years old and, the actual life expectancy was in question. We knew that we needed to be prepared for the future and, it seemed that replacing only half of the roof was just plain ridiculous.

Election Day Coming

This whole circumstance brings to mind our future and the future that so many Americans today are concerned about. We cannot control what is going on in Washington D.C. We vote again on November 6th and, regardless of your party or preference, the deficit we currently have is enough to scare any responsible American right out of their pants. The thought that our Grandchildren have a $58,000 debt already with it still growing, is simply idiotic. The leaders in Washington seem to be doing all they can to get re-elected rather than solving our financial problems.

We, fortunately, don’t have to solve our country’s problems. We should do our voting and hope that the right man for the job is elected. If we prefer one party over the other, there is no harm being involved in the election process. If you do get involved, I hope you will have more integrity than we have been seeing on the TV advertisements.

Worry about what you CAN control

Let’s get back to our problems. The government is forcing the people of the United States to plan for their own retirement. They are informing us of the probability of Medicare going bankrupt. Social Security is in danger and, if the cheaters continue to get away with stealing our retirement money, it too will go bankrupt. There was a news article on Fox today about a couple that had been living off of Social Security, Food Stamps and other government benefits while they lived comfortably in a 1.2 million dollar mansion. It seems they are going to jail now and will be forced to repay over $100,000 in stolen government aid. Too many go unpunished.

We recommend that you consider your Futuristic Retirement Income and how you will weather the coming storm. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself.

1 What do you have in the investment or income pipes already?

2 How many streams of income have you considered for your “golden years”?

3 Have you invested sufficiently to produce a steady income while you are retired?

4 Will you be prepared for the eventual illness that could cost you everything?

5 Do you have a plan for the time when there is “chaos” if and when our devalued dollar collapses?

6 Are your legal obligations met with a living will and medical decisions?

7 Are you keeping your estate out of the courts with a will?

There are other questions that can be answered in time for a Futuristic Retirement Income. This post is intended to give you pause to think of just some items that will make your retirement easier.

Bea & Terry Reeves

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