Active Retirement
Lets Seniors Travel

Without spending all of their nest egg seniors travel the world. They expand their knowledge of different states, countries, cultures, and so on, through their traveling experiences. Travel for seniors can be for the sole purpose of finding a retirement home where they would like to spend the rest of their active retirement days.

Traveling for education and life-long learning are becoming more popular as retirees are living healthier lives and are not ready to just sit at home in a rocking chair.

"Senior" Is Not a Bad Word

If you are retired, or nearing retirement, you have probably already been contacted to join AARP (American Association of Retired Persons). When you first receive the invitation to join, your initial feeling is - I'm not old! They send you the invitation when you're turning 50!

You soon learn to accept the discounts you can receive because of being a member. Seniors travel at reduced costs because of these senior discounts, so you can travel more often.

So, don't be bashful about claiming your senior discounts.

Swap Your Home

One way to keep your costs down and still be able to travel to special places is to join a home exchange club. Usually there is a minimal annual fee. However, you can live in someone else's home (instead of a small motel room) and let them live in your home at no additional cost. That's right - for free.

If traveling out of the country is on your list of retirement travel, it would be good for you to check into the home exchange programs that are available.

Contact Hotels Directly

Usually hotel chains have 1-800 numbers you can call to make reservations at any of their locations. While that is convenient, I have found that if I call the specific hotel directly, I can often get a lower price.

In addition, I have often been able to get better accommodations. The 1-800 motel reservation number can only reserve a certain number of rooms. So sometimes they will tell you certain room types are not available, but if you call the motel directly you will find that often you can get the exact type room you would like.

Touring With a Group

If you enjoy meeting new people and traveling without having to do the driving, you should consider group tours. I see seniors travel on bus tours to several areas quite often. These bus tours are available in most major cities.

Mobility Challenged Traveling

Even if you need to use assisted mobility devises, such as, walkers or wheelchairs, there are many opportunities for travel for seniors. There are even specific disability resorts with accessibility for all.

I will include more information on the Resources page of this website.

Retirement Travel for Learning

Learning is a lifelong process. In retirement you can learn for the pure joy of learning. Educational and cultural tourism is increasing.

You can find retirement travel with a focus on a wide range of interests - sports, food, music, art, history, geology, nature, culture and so on.

I became aware of Elderhostel by reading the book The Power Years by Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D. and Daniel J. Kadlec. I highly recommend this book. Click here to see the Elderhostel website. (A new window will open. To return to this page just close the new window by clicking the 'x' button in the upper right hand corner of the new browser window.) Elderhostel allows you to travel in style on all-inclusive learning experiences. You can visit interesting places and learn about the food, people and cultures. Seniors travel on these all-inclusive trips for a very reasonable cost.

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