Retirement Planning Worksheet

The purpose of the retirement planning worksheet is to provide an organized overview of your retirement plan. You provide the information for your personal data, your cost of living, your assets, your other income such as, defined pensions and Social Security.

A good worksheet for retirement planning that you can use online for free is found at SmartMoney. Their worksheet has 5 categories. On the first page of the worksheet, you enter your personal data, such as, current age, life expectancy, current salary, and years with the company. If you are married, you enter the same information for your spouse also.

On page two you enter your cost of living items including your monthly household living expenses, in addition to your expected annual expenses in retirement for items such as travel, medical expenses, and insurance.

Page three summarizes your savings in taxable accounts, tax deferred accounts, and tax free accounts. In addition, you enter your expected rate of returns for each category.

Page four enables you to enter your expected age for collecting Social Security, your expected pension, and any retirement income from a part-time job or home based business.

Page five summarizes the results and identifies any gap between income and lifestyle expenses to help you make appropriate retirement planning choices.

Your worksheet will become a living document as you revisit it periodically to adjust for any of life's changes.

Retirement Planning Booklet

The US Department of Labor has a booklet available online called "Taking the Mystery out of Retirement Planning". (A new window will open. To return to this page just close the new window by clicking the 'X' button in the upper right hand corner of the new browser window.)

It is a 62 page booklet that gives instructions for completing each worksheet in the booklet. You can read the booklet and complete the worksheets online.

Or, you can download it to your PC to print it. I have found the downloaded version that you then print out is somewhat difficult to read.

Or, you can call them to order a copy to be sent to you at no cost.

This booklet of worksheets was designed for those nearing retirement. However, even if you are already retired and have not really completed a retirement plan or need to re-evaluate it, this booklet of worksheets is valuable for you to use.

A retirement planning worksheet is a good tool to organize your retirement planning information.

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