Your Retirement Planning Guide

Reach your retirement destination with a retirement planning guide. A guide helps you navigate the unfamiliar areas of retirement planning to help you reach your goal. Guide books also give you a good reference for adjusting your retirement plan as you move forward.

Here are two retirement planning books that I have bought and would recommend to you.

  • But What If I Live? The American Retirement Crises® - A retirement guide for Baby Boomers by Gregory Salsbury, Ph.D. - discusses seven challenges facing baby boomers and what can be done to prepare for retirement. It's not too late to start your planning of the fulfillment of your life.
  • Ernst & Young's Retirement Planning Guide by Robert J. Garner, William J. Arnone, Glenn M Pape, Norman A Barker, Martin Nissenbaum, Kenneth R Rouse, and David C. Voss - A good place to start your research for retirement planning. This guide covers many aspects of retirement planning giving explanations and examples of each aspect, as well as, traps, obstacles, tools, helpers, and action items. The big question is will you have enough to retire? The reality is that your are responsible and need to be flexible as you contemplate this question.

Another guide for retirement planning is The Wall Street Journal Complete Retirement Guidebook - How to Plan it, Live It, and Enjoy It - by Glenn Ruffenach and Kelly Greene - offers advice on the non-financial, as well as, the financial choices to be made. It shows you how to translate your dreams and interests into daily activities and provides a timeline for decision to be made.

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