Retirement Income Success Traits

by Terry Reeves
(Mecosta, Mi. USA)

Futuristic Retirement Income Success Traits

How can a Futuristic Retirement Income be realized when the cards seem to be dealt against us?

We are all aware of the successful people that have had lasting impact upon our lives and the lives of all Americans. Through their inventions and innovations we are:

- Living more comfortable lives

- Enjoying more freedom

- Traveling farther and wider

- Becoming more educated

- Communicating far easier

The individuals, such as, Edison, Ford and Bell, gave us these parts of our lives through their blood, sweat and tears. How were people such as these, able to persevere and create their inventions? What personal traits did they possess? How can we emulate them? It would be unreasonable to expect everyone in business to possess and apply overwhelming amounts of all of the same traits. We do, however, believe that all individuals possess these traits.

Consider These Traits

After a person has developed an idea, it seems that they most frequently run into roadblocks. After encountering, what seems to be countless numbers of roadblocks, some might consider them impossible to overcome. This is not the place to get discouraged. In fact, if you think about it, these roadblocks are mere sign posts that are leading you to success.

According to Thomas Edison, “The reason a lot of people do not recognize opportunity is because it goes around wearing overalls and it looks like hard work.” Another applicable Edison saying is, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”. Often times, hard work and persistence can compensate for some of the basic knowledge as an individual learns more and more.

Are you actually living up to your capabilities? Have you recently focused all of your efforts on a single task and surprised yourself of the power you actually possess? Application of ideas, focus, persistence and sweat equity will create astounding results.

How much of your time is spent in a quiet room, or place, where you are able to just think about your best thoughts of what you are doing and want to accomplish? Do you spend time simply visualizing what your life will be like when you accomplish your goals? It may take some practice to be able to get yourself in a mental state that will allow you the solitude you can appreciate. Try it some time.

We have been complementing Thomas Edison quite a bit so, why stop now? “Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure.” Why would anyone want to change things if they think they are perfectly satisfied? Are you content to live with the prospect of getting lung cancer because of smoking, or are you contemplating the day you stop? If you are not happy with the status quo, you have the power to change. This is not politics instead this is your life.

We have tried and tried several possibilities with our internet business. We have found our Futuristic Retirement blog after repeated efforts and a lot of money spent. We have learned what has not worked for us, but through our efforts, we have learned what is working for us. It is a matter of “perspective”. We learned several things that don’t work while we were experimenting. The process is similar to the perspective that Thomas Edison had as he failed 1,000 times attempting to create a light bulb.

The fundamentals for success are really quite simple. Are you prepared to exert the hard work necessary to begin your business? Are you willing to persist and not give up simply because you hit a roadblock? Do you possess the ability to use the necessary “common sense” to be able to succeed? We don’t believe anyone has become successful in a business, set back and said “well…that was easy”.

Like we said in the beginning, everyone possesses all of these traits. Not everyone is willing to use them. It never hurts to be honest with ourselves and truly evaluate what we are willing to do and how hard we are willing to work in order to achieve our goals.

Bea & Terry Reeves

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As always Live for your “Futuristic Retirement”

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