Planning a Retirement Party

Here are some ideas for planning a retirement party that will make it enjoyable and memorable for all, but especially for the retiree.
The first step in retirement party planning is to check with the retiree. Most retirees will want some type of celebration, but not everyone will want a full-fledged 'party'.

You should also consider the reason that prompted the retirement decision. Did the retiree make the decision on his/her own initiative? Did the employer make the decision for him/her? Was the decision prompted by health reasons? Appropriate retirement party planning will provide the best send-off for the new retiree.

When I retired, I was asked if I wanted a party, as I retired as a result of the business restructuring/downsizing.

I decided to have a luncheon on a regular work day at a nearby restaurant for the group of people I worked with on a daily basis.

Then I also had a cake & coffee celebration in the cafeteria at work for those I worked with from other areas of the business.

I was very pleased with the celebration events.

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After You Know What the Retiree Wants

You really begin planning a retirement party once you know what the retiree wants. Retirement parties are a celebration of the retirees career and a shift in lifestyle.

Basically, you will need to choose a location, a day and time, food & beverage selection, and who to invite. You may also want to be creative around a theme.

When planning a retirement party, it should go without saying that the location and day and time need to be suitable for the retiree and his/her manager. The other invitees will need to fit in to that selected time or offer regrets for not being able to attend. The retiree should also be involved in determining the guest list.

Often retirement parties include a "roast". Although this makes it a jovial presentation, it should also be a way of thanking the retiree for all of his or her hard work and dedication.

When it came to food and beverage selection, I was given the choice from various menu items. Because there was a culturally diverse group of people I worked with, I could be sure all needs were accommodated.

Invitations and Follow-Up

For the less formal retirement parties, a simple e-mail to requested attendees is adequate. The e-mail should include all the specific information of the purpose, location, date and time, and request for response.

A reminder e-mail should be sent the day before, or the morning of, the event to ensure the expected attendance.

Itinerary of the Party

When planning a retirement party itinerary, you should include, at a minimum, a speech by the retiree's manager. Speeches by others could also be included.

A toast to the retiree could begin with a humorous story from the retiree's career followed by sincere, heart-felt words of appreciation.

Here are some great sample retirement speeches, as well as, a free written speech and free sample speeches for all occasions.

The employer should always provide a sincere gift. Other gifts could be offered if guests have the desire, but they are not necessary.

On the subject of gifts, since I have been retired, I have found that sometimes I need to think twice about what day of the week it is. There is a "Day Clock" that has no numbers on it, only the seven days of the week. The "day hand" on the clock makes one complete revolution in a week. I found it at "First Street - for baby boomers and beyond". It would make a great gag gift that would also prove very useful.

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Enjoy the Memories

Planning a retirement party will be a complete success and a memorable event for all, by remembering to include the retiree in the planning process.

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