Crete Island in Greece For Retirement or Just For Holidays

by Elena Dimou, General Manager   
(Crete Island, Greece)

For sure not the cheapest but maybe among the best!
It is extremely unfortunate that nowadays Greece is experiencing a profound economic crisis. On the other hand it is the ultimate period for someone to take advantage of the opportunity and acquire a summer house or a retirement home.
Before moving on it would be best to clarify that this is not the cheapest solution. I would estimate that it would take an income of 2.000 - 2.500 Euros for someone to live with the minimum luxury. For me that would include certain travels and excursions, dinning out on the weekends, giving away your laundry, frequent wardrobe renewal, spa-massage and others.
Certainly one can find cheaper solutions for retirement or holiday homes "in the neighbourhood" like Turkey for example, and elsewhere like Mexico etc. It is important to mention that Greece is a country member of the European Union bearing infrastructure and lifestyle in conformity with the European ones. 

Plus, it is largely believed that Greece is about to become "the next Cote d' Azur".  This is the reason why every summer great many celebrities visit Greece; to name a few: Madonna, Michael Douglas with Katherine Zeta-Jones, Lady Gaga, Nicolas Cage, Tom Hanks, Bruce Spristing, Angelina Jolie, Bill Gates. Many of them have houses and most of the time visit Greece incognito.
It is only logical to assume that such celebrities would know what's best and up-and-coming. Wouldn't it be a shame for someone who can afford it (income of 2.000-2.500 Euros) to chose to spend the last period of his/her life in mediocrity?
Why Crete

Crete is the largest island of Greece and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean and has:

-- 360 days of sunshine
-- Amazing beaches which one can swim for at least 7 months in a year.

-- Two international airports 

-- International Healthcare system plus one of the best University Hospital in Europe
-- Abundance of Museums and archaeological excavations with great cultural interest. Briefly, Crete was the centre of the Minoan civilization (c.2700 - 1420 BC), the first civilization in Europe and the first European country with a palace (at Knossos). Other civilizations that can be traced in the island are Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman.
-- The famous Mediterranean diet. From the ancient years, traditional Mediterranean nutrition is believed to be almost perfect; An international study that begun in 1960 (and is still going on) monitoring a group of 700 men living in rural areas of Crete, showed that there were less deaths caused by infarction of the heart and various forms of cancer comparing to other developed countries.

Fact worth stating was that in 1991, the Sector of Social Medicine of Cretan University undertook the mission to re-examine the elders after 31 years, and showed that 50% of them were alive, while in Finland there was None alive.

Good health and long-living of Cretans is attributed to their traditional diet. It is a simple diet based on olive oil providing 1/3 of daily energy, while the best part of the energy came from cereals, mainly bread, legumes, vegetables, fruits and small portions of eggs, cheese, milk, meat, fish and a glass of red wine with the meals.

-- famous Cretan hospitality.
The Secret of the Garden  

Our Project "The Secret of the Garden" is in Crete, outside the existing settlement of Exopoli, between Chania and Rethymno, only 25 minutes away from the airport. It is an area of outstanding beauty, in an expanse of 9.500 sq.m.
Morfi Islands has revived the old settlement by adding 39 new homes in a sweet-smelling garden.
We chose this location because we aim to give our clients peace and quiet and an unrestricted view of the sea and the mountain, and at the same time quick access (just 5 minutes) to the beautiful 10 km-long beach of Georgioupoli.
What makes the project unique is that on 2.000 sq.m. in the heart of the settlement, we developed a 5-star hotel with services such as reception, restaurant, pool, pool-bar, doctor on call, wine-cellar, grocery store, etc.
The first 7 houses have been already completed. Due to the economic crises in our country, the prices of these houses are very low and start at 85.000 Euro.
Either use it to live as a pensioner a quiet retirement life, or use it for vacation house for you and your family, or even only as an investment, Greece is Now a very attractive house market.
Please visit our website ( in order to understand the philosophy of our project in Crete.
We Will Be Your Next Door Neighbour
Although our Development Group has a 60 year history in the construction sector, this is our first project for retirement or holiday homes. Two years ago Morfi Group honoured my many years service and loyalty by appointing me General Manager of our first project in Crete.

For me, having lived all my life in Athens and being fed up from gas fumes and traffic, I considered it a fantastic opportunity for a nice change as well as a big boost in my career. 

As soon as I visited the site, I fell in love with the scenery and I bought a house from the project, the Bougainvillea Home, which was recently completed and I am happy to say that I am moving in next month. This way I can be sure for the high standard services that we aim to offer to our clients. 

I, Elena Dimou, know that this being my first integrated experience, all my passion and energy goes into this project. I can only hope that it will be evident in all forms of communication, especially if you visit us here in Crete. 

Elena Dimou
General Manager

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