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The Best Retirement Jobs
are Available

Many are looking for the best retirement jobs to supplement their retirement income. Here are some things to consider when looking for a job in retirement. A job in retirement is whatever work you decide to do after you leave your long term career or return to the workforce after age 50.

The best retirement jobs are different for each person. You need to decide what is most important for you. You are now in the position to choose what characteristics you are looking for in a job in retirement.

Most new retirees are looking for less stress, more flexibility, their ideal work-life balance, and something close to home or right at home.

Consider Your Age

If you find yourself retired younger than the minimum age for collecting Social Security benefits (which I did), you are in a good position for getting one of your best jobs in retirement.

You see, once you start receiving Social Security benefits at the minimum age, you are restricted on how much you can earn from a job.

Once you reach full retirement age (which currently ranges between 65 and 67), there is no restriction. So, if you are able, you may want to delay beginning your Social Security benefits until your full retirement age. Check with your Certified Investment Advisor or Certified Financial Planner to determine what is best for you.

Where to Work

AARP has an annual recognition program that acknowledges companies and organizations who are leaders in addressing aging workforce issues. You can view their 2007 list of winners.

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Temporary agencies can provide connections to part-time employment that could meet your characteristics of a job in retirement.

You could become a consultant to help other companies with the experiences you have from your lifetime career.

The Best Retirement Jobs

You have determined what characteristics you want in a job - less stress, more flexibility, ideal work-life balance, close to home, and whatever else is important to you.

If you could work for yourself - be your own boss, and if you could work from home you would have the ideal work-life balance and flexibility. That is the choice I made.

I enjoyed a certain level of that work-life balance during the last several years in my career, as the company I worked for allowed me to work from home. I'm still working from home, but now I'm also my own boss. Great flexibility! But there is also more responsibility.

Today, most people have computers in their homes. For those who do not, the price of home computers now are well within reach of most people.

Your computer can enable you to start your own business right from home. Starting your own business is the best flexibility and in my mind one of the best jobs in retirement.

Paul & Sarah Edwards wrote a book titled, "Best Home Businesses for People 50+". I have not read it yet, but the product description and the five star reviews have made me decide to buy it.

I will add more information on my Resource page for jobs in retirement to help you find one of the best retirement jobs for you. So bookmark this page (CTRL+D) and visit often.

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